Life insurance Life5

There is a type of Life Insurance for each Life.

    Why is Life5 different from traditional life insurance?

    We make it easy, fast and without small print. So you can find the tranquility you are looking for without complications.

      Immediate coverage
      No medical exams
      100% online
      No paperwork No extra charges

    Protect your loved ones for the price of one


      Tell us about yourself

      Our technology builds your custom policy. The knowledge about your habits, health, let us create a custom life insurance just for you.


      Receive your quote, fast & free

      Get your quote in minutes. If you need help with an expert, we’re available for you at any moment.


      Subscribe 100% online

      All of our policies can be completed online, without medical test or intermediaries.

    There is an insurance to protect each moment of your life.

    No small print and weird words. Ask us what you want, on the other side there are people like you.

    Protect your loved one in minutes, without leaving home

    Calculate your life insurance in 60 seconds.

    Answer a few questions. It only takes 1 minute to know the cost of your policy.

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    All you can ask to a life insurance… And a little bit more.

    • Coverages Life5

    • Advantages Life5

    • Death from any cause
    • Absolute and permanent disability
    • Benefits for referring a friend
    • Capital advances
    • Burial expenses
    • Settlement of inheritance and gift tax
    • Notarial Will
    • Repatriation

    Frequently asked questions

    Why Life5?

    Can I trust Life5 to payout?

    Is Life5 100% digital?

    Will I be locked into a contract?

    How much do I need?

    What if I need help?

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